Virtual Conference


Scientex conferences hosts a plethora of conferences in various fields but not limited to Medicine, Pharma, Health Science, Life Science, Engineering and Technology. All our events are organized with utmost care and diligence in providing the greatest of facilities and infrastructure that one could possibly provide for the smooth and successful transmission of knowledge transfer that takes place between the attendees of our conference for mutual beneficiary purposes that would eventually push to attain the prosperity of solving the modern scientific problems for the betterment of our lives.
With the successfully past report of second sequence on the Surgery 2022, Scientex Conferences enter into third sequence on the Surgery 2023. We are glad to welcome you all for the upcoming Hybrid event “3rd International Conference on Surgery and Anesthesia” which is held in Dubai, UAE with the Theme “Exploring New Innovation and Medical Revolutions in Surgery and Anesthesia” this is great opportunity to gain knowledge, new innovative ideas and new technologies, Surgery 2023 is the best platform.